Who is eligible?

  1. People with permanent disability.
  2. Groups of people with permanent disability and community groups that support people with disabilities and/or their families.

Are there any other criteria?

There are some things that Community Living and Participation Grants cannot fund:

  • Expenses considered to be part of an individual’s usual cost of living
  • Improvements or alterations to private property
  • Upgrades to public facilities
  • Retrospective expenses
  • Fundraising activities
  • Funding for groups already supported by Lotterywest
  • Projects that require re-current funding
  • Team uniforms and merchandise for interstate and international tours
  • Expenses outside of Western Australia (except equipment purchase of items unavailable from a Western Australian supplier)
  • Equipment where there is an existing source of funding through government, hospitals or other grant programs
  • Employment and education related expenses
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