Matt Rogers

For 25 years, outdoors-lover Matt Rogers had been unable to venture off the beaten track due to the limitations of his wheelchair.

Mr Rogers, a paraplegic since a motorcycle accident in 1990 left him with serious injuries, had long been frustrated at having to sit on the sidelines while friends and family enjoyed outdoor pursuits.

But with the help of a Community Living and Participation Grant and the tireless work of the Dreamfit Foundation, Mr Rogers is now able to enjoy life to the full.

Using a $10,000 grant, a team of Dreamfit volunteers rebuilt an old off-road wheelchair into an incredible, state-of-the-art vehicle that allows Mr Rogers to pursue the recreational hobbies he had been missing. It features fishing rod holders, spotlights, rifle holder, gun rail, tacklebox, bicycle trailer and even a drink holder.

Managed by National Disability Services and funded by Lotterywest, the CLPG is a flexible, efficient small grants program that funds projects to help people with disability engage with their community and improve their quality of life.

Projects funded include a running leg, recumbent cycle, pool hoist, kindergarten aides and artist workshops.

Mr Rogers, from Hamilton Hill, grew up on a farm in the Kimberley and missed the outdoors lifestyle.

“I love the outdoors, shooting, fishing and camping, but with a manual chair you are so restricted,” he said. “My wife loves kitesurfing and bushwalking, so now I’ll finally be able to join in all those things.”

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